LaserCam-HR Family
LaserCam-HR Family

LaserCam-HR Family

Two New LaserCam products joining an already successful LaserCam-HR camera.

  • LaserCam-HR II - New high-resolution beam profiling system
  • LaserCam-HR-InGaAs - Measure beam shape, intensity profile, propagation, wavelength and mode.
  • LaserCam-HR-UV - Measure beam shape, intensity profile, propagation, wavelength and mode.

Beam View Software

The latest release of the BeamView-USB 4.8.1 software includes several new features that extend the analytic capabilities of the LaserCam-HR laser beam diagnostic systems. Unique features of BeamView-USB software that were not included in the Digital or Analog BeamView software platforms. The latest version of the software can be found in the Laser Measurement and Control Support and Download Center.

Flat Top Beam Analysis
Six additional calculations are now available with BeamView-USB for flat top beam analysis. These calculations are based upon the ISO 13694:2000 standards. The following calculations will allow for greater flexibility for the analysis of applications involving flat top beam shapes. These BeamView-USB calculations may assist in the analysis of Excimer and Nd:YAG laser customers looking to analyze beam uniformity in the near field. The six new features are:

• Plateau Uniformity
• Flatness Factor
• Edge Steepness
• Beam Uniformity
• Effective Irradiation Area
• Effective Average Power/Energy Density

Adjustable Trigger Delay
An adjustable Trigger Delay feature has been added to BeamView-USB 4.8.1 allowing for a delay to be added (µseconds) to the default trigger delay of the LaserCam-HR camera. This will assist in beam capture when the laser is fired after an external trigger signal that is shorter than the default camera trigger delay. Depending on the default trigger delay of the camera (150 µsec for the CMOS camera types and 20 µsec for the InGaAs LaserCam-HR) and the repetition rate of the laser, the trigger delay feature assists in assuring that a valid laser pulse is captured on the camera during the cameras exposure time.

The LaserCam-HR and LaserCam-HR-UV have a default integration time of 10 msec and the LaserCam-HR-InGaAs camera is set to a default value of 1 msec for optimum performance.

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