Quasi-CW and modelocked lasers are ideal for a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications. Output power from 2 W to 24 W at 355 nm or 532 nm.

The Paladin family consists of three unique quasi-CW medium-power and high-power UV lasers, delivering the widest range of power from 2W to 24 W.

  • Paladin Advanced 355
  • Paladin Compact 355
  • Paladin Advanced 532

Paladin’s superior design and manufacturing technology result in a unique combination of high optical performance, exceptional reliability and long lifetime. Paladin delivers the basis for unmatched success in demanding commercial micro-electronics and materials processing applications. Since Paladin’s launch in 2001, more than 1500 units have been installed in manufacturing lines around the world.

Paladin products are available at two repetition rates. With its six power classes, the product family offers the optimal power and therefore the best power/price package for your application. In addition, the 24W model provides the highest commercial power available today: this enables unmatched applications and process speeds.

Paladin Features Include:

All Paladin lasers offer excellent power and beam parameters, efficiency, hands-free operation, and long lifetime, making them the perfect replacement for old, bulky and energy-hungry UV gas lasers. Paladin can be controlled either by its front panel or by commands sent over RS-232 interface. Our clean room PermAlign manufacturing methods and smart operating software - including harmonics generation control - guarantee reliable operation at the highest levels of performance.

Power Repetition Rate
80 MHz 120 MHz
2 Watt Paladin Compact 355-2000 Air-Cooled
4 Watt Paladin Compact 355-4000 Air-Cooled
8 Watt Paladin Advanced 355-8000
10 Watt Paladin Advanced 355-10000
16 Watt Paladin Advanced 355-16000
20 Watt Paladin Advanced 532-20000
24 Watt Paladin Advanced 355-24000