Coherent Mephisto and Mephisto S ultra-narrow linewidth CW lasers
Coherent Mephisto and Mephisto S ultra-narrow linewidth CW lasers

Mephisto Lasers

Coherent’s portfolio of ultra-narrow linewidth CW lasers provides ultimate low noise performance for both scientific and instrumentation applications. Mephisto is a family of single frequency solid-state lasers based on Nd:YAG crystal in Non-Planar Ring Oscillator (NPRO) configuration. The intrinsic stability of the laser is further improved by our acclaimed Noise Eater (NE) technology which is now included with all Mephisto variants as standard.

Mephisto product line includes:

  • Mephisto (S) – Ultimate stability at 1064 nm or 1319 nm
  • Prometheus – SHG variants at 532 nm
  • Mephisto MOPA – High power versions at 1064 nm

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Features & Benefits

Mephisto lasers are simple to stabilize in temperature and easy to fine-tune by using an integrated PZT. Due to the widely recognized original Mephisto design featuring a monolithic Nd:YAG NPRO crystal, this diode–pumped device is extremely compact, impervious to contamination and other degradation processes.

Excellent laser beam parameters, unmatched combination of ultra-narrow linewidth, frequency tuning, high power and extremely low noise make the Mephisto family the laser of choice for sophisticated scientific applications like atom cooling and trapping, optical metrology, quantum optics, gravitational wave studies, interferometric measurements and other applications requiring extremely narrow linewidth and ultra-stable laser beams.

Mephisto S
Mephisto MOPA
1064 nm 1319 nm 1064 nm 1064 nm
532 nm
.5W, 1W, 2W
.2W, .5W, .8W
.2W, .5W
8W, 25W, 42W, 55W
20mW, 50mW, 100mW
Linewidth (over 100 ms)
~ 1 kHz
~ 1 kHz
kHz range
~1 kHz
~1 kHz
Tuning range
30 GHz
30 GHz
30 GHz
30 GHz
60 GHz
Noise (RIN at f>10 kHz )
<-140 dB/Hz
<-140 dB/Hz
<-120 dB/Hz
<-130 dB/Hz
<-135 dB/Hz