green continuous wave laser, compass 115M
green continuous wave laser, compass 115M

Compass Lasers

Green (532 nm) DPSS CW lasers for life sciences, imaging and scientific applications.

Compass (COMpact All Solid State lasers) is a family of solid-state lasers in the green (532 nm). They exhibit optical properties unmatched by other products and are known for their outstanding level of reliability and lifetime. This is the reason OEM customers have chosen to integrate Compass more than 65,000 times making Compass one of the most successful products in laser history.

All Compass models utilize intra-cavity frequency-doubling to convert IR to green laser light. This is realized with Coherent’s unique, patented PermAlign technology: optical components are aligned to optimum and then permanently fixed by soldering making the lasers optimally aligned over their whole lifetime, insensitive to vibration and thermal cycles. The lasers are manufactured in controlled clean rooms and hermetically sealed before being end-tested extensively.

  • Patented PermAlign technology: solder-bonding optics for unsurpassed unit-to-unit consistency, ruggedness and thermal stability
  • Outstanding beam quality over entire laser life
  • Highest power stability and lowest amplitude noise for superior application results
  • Contamination-free cleanroom manufacturing and hermetically sealed laser heads for highest reliability and lifetime

A new 20 mW Compass 115M model completes the 115M line of green CW lasers. These 532 nm lasers are ideally suited for cost-sensitive, yet demanding OEM applications in life sciences, graphic arts, and inspection. The 115M line offers excellent optical performance and the same reliability, unit-to-unit consistency and long lifetime as higher power Compass lasers. The line therefore offers the best available performance to price ratio and lowest cost of ownership.

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