WaferLase IIWaferLase IIWaferLase IIWaferLase II
WaferLase II

WaferLase II

High-Speed, Laser-Based, Glass Cutting System for NGS Flow Cell Production

Utilizes Coherent SmartCleave technology to cut glass wafers at high speed with virtually no edge chipping

The WaferLase II is an automated glass cutting system that employs unique Coherent SmartCleave technology to dramatically increase production throughput in the manufacture of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Flow Cells. It cuts glass more than ten times faster than a mechanical saw, while largely eliminating debris production, thus minimizing post-processing. And, it improves quality and yields by delivering a crack and stress free cut edge.

The WaferLase II is an integrated system for high-speed, precision glass cutting in the production of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Flow Cells. It utilizes Coherent SmartCleave glass cutting technology, based on an ultra-short pulse laser, to process faster than traditional saw cutting, while also delivering dramatically improved edge quality with virtually no debris production. In addition to the benefits of reduced post processing, the WaferLase II also increases process utilization by allowing cut edges to be placed much closer to Flow Cell structures.

WaferLase II comprises a robotic wafer handling system, a vision system for wafer alignment, a laser source, beam delivery optics, and control and interface software. It is nominally configured to accept parts in a FOUP which is manually loaded into the system. A variety of custom implementations for load ports and part handling robotics can be accommodated upon request.

WaferLase II is designed for use by production line personnel, through a simple interface. Plus, it internally implements the Semi GEM300 standard, providing a simple path forward for migration towards higher levels of automation.

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