Ultra-short pulse lasers used for the most demanding medical applications.

Ultra-Short Pulse Laser

The Staccato laser is an ultra-short picosecond laser with 2.4 W of power at 1030 nm. This laser features pulse energies greater than 30 µJ, high repetition rates of up to 80 kHz, and pulse duration of 1.5 ps.

The excellent beam quality of this laser (M² <1.3) allows for focusing the beam onto very small areas to reach peak power densities sufficient for virtually any material.

Features & Benefits

  • 1.5 ps pulse duration
  • >30 μJ
  • High beam quality M² < 1.3
  • Superior stability
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for most demanding medical applications
Wavelength (nm)
1030 ±2
Average Power (W)
≥2.4 at 80 kHz
Pulse Energy (µJ)
Pulse Duration t (FWHM, sech²)
1300 fs ≤t ≤ 2000 fs
Pulse-to-Pulse Energy stability (%) (Peak-to-Peak over 1000 Pulses)
≤5 RMS (1σ)
Pulse Repetition Rate Amplifier (kHz)
80 ±0.5
Pulse Repetition Rates after Pulse Picker (kHz)
80 divided by integers, single pulse
Laser Beam Quality Parameter1 (M2)
TEM00 (M2 ≤1.3)
Laser Beam Diameter1 at Position -100 mm [(x+y)/2]
1.3 mm ±0.1 mm
Laser Beam Circularity1 (%)(Asymmetry)
≥85 (≤1.15)
Beam Waist Astigmatism1 (Z0x – Z0y)/Average ZR
≤0.2 (2m from exit)
Laser Beam Position (Positional) Accuracy
≤±0.5 mm from nominal
Laser Beam Pointing (Angular) Accuracy
≤5 mrad from nominal
Laser Beam Pointing Drift2 (max. temp. drift 1°C/h)
≤50 μrad + 50 μrad/°C ambient temp.
Laser Beam Polarization Ratio
≥100:1 linear
Laser Beam Polarization Direction
Horizontal, ±2º
940 nm Pump Leakage Power (mW)
≤10 avg.
Amplified Pulse Energy to Unamplified Pulse Energy Ratio
Amplified Pulse Energy to Pre-Pulse Energy Ratio
Amplified Pulse Energy to Post-Pulse Energy Ratio
Average Power Stability (%)
±1.5 over 8 hours RMS (1σ)
Day to Day Power Stability (%)(after warm-up)
Warm-Up Time, from warm start
≤30 minutes