Welding system for Medical Device Manufacturing
Welding system for Medical Device Manufacturing

SLS200 CL Series

Precision laser welding sub-system for thin, heat-sensitive or delicate metal substrates

Pulsed Nd:YAG laser sub-system offers unmatched power control for precise process optimization and production consistency

The SLS200 CL can be paired with a variety of Coherent processing heads to enable high-precision spot and seam welding of thin, delicate or heat-sensitive metals, including brittle or high-carbon steels, and biocompatible materials such as titanium and Nitinol. The pulsed Nd:YAG laser allows precise adjustment and control of output power over a large dynamic range for process optimization, and also delivers long term operating stability for unit-to-unit production consistency.

High-precision welding of challenging materials in a volume production environment is enabled with the SLS200 CL, together with a Coherent LLBK or FLBK processing head. The use of a flashlamp pumped, Nd:YAG laser delivers three key benefits in this context. First, a pulsed laser reduces bulk heating of the substrate during welding, which is particularly critical with thin materials, or when processing assemblies in which other heat-sensitive components are near the weld seam. Second, the dynamic tuning range of these lasers is from 1% to 100%, with complete power stability, which is essential when working with delicate substrates. Finally, the use of closed loop power control provides highly consistent output. This translates into low unit-to-unit variation in production, even over periods of months or years.

In addition to high weld quality, the SLS200 CL also offers various practical and operational advantages. Its scalable, uniform top-hat beam profile allows gap bridging, relaxing tolerances on part fit-up. It can be supplied with a delivery fiber as long as 50 m, providing tremendous flexibility in system placement. And, a single SLS200 CL can feed as many as six separate fibers and can be configured for any combination of power or time sharing between them. Additionally, flashlamp replacement is greatly simplified in the SLS200 CL as compared to competitive products, meaning minimal maintenance downtime.