PowerLine Rapid NX
PowerLine Rapid NX

PowerLine Rapid NX

The ultrashort pulse laser PowerLine Rapid NX does not introduce any significant heat and produces a high quality, high contrast black mark. The process is highly suited for UDI marking of medical stainless steel devices, blackening anodized aluminum surfaces and is very interesting for manufacturers of high-end consumer goods.

Features at a glance

  • Perfect for permanent UDI (unique device identifier) marking of stainless steel devices
  • Ultrashort Picosecond laser black marking for extremely high-contrast
  • Indestructible and non-corrosive mark
  • Contamination-free sub-surface mark
  • Non-destructive anodized layer marking
  • No need for passivation
  • Extremely small code dimensions possible
  • Resistant against corrosion and multiple autoclaving cycles
  • Automated high throughput process
  • Vision System optional
  • Fast Focusing Module optional
  • HALT/HASS design