Ultrafast Fibers
Ultrafast Fibers

Ultrafast Fibers

Ultrafast fibers - cost effective power scaling and superb beam quality

Double clad, Yb doped, active fiber, chirped pulse, power scaling, PLMA, PM, femtosecond, high beam quality, low photodarkening, frequency doubling

NuUF fibers offer customers an opportunity to scale up power while avoiding the costs and risks associated with solid state designs. Our fibers provide a path to a seamless transition to a higher powered system with significantly reduced $/W.

Our PM, large mode area (PLMA) Ytterbium doped active fibers (YDF) and passive matched Germanium doped Fibers (GDF) are tailored to meet key requirements for ultrafast laser designs. These specialty fibers feature polarization maintenance, dispersion control, high beam quality, low photodarkening, and highest absorption.

These fibers are also highly suitable for other applications that are sensitive to nonlinear effects including narrow linewidth amplification, second harmonic generation, frequency doubling, and short pulse amplification.


  • Ultra-Fast Fiber Lasers for Material Processing
    • Chirped Pulse Amplification
    • Single Frequency & Narrow Linewidth Amplifiers
    • Second Harmonic Generation
    • Frequency Doubling

Features & Benefits

  • Enables power scaling and mass production
  • Reduces $/w
  • Minimizes nonlinear effects

Optical Benefits

  • Lowest photodarkening - increased reliability and enables power scaling of pulsed amplifiers
  • Highest absorption - 2-3x absorption reduces necessary cavity length and minimizes nonlinear effects
  • Maintains highest beam quality

Mechanical Benefits

  • Designed for extended service life in challenging deployment conditions
  • Enhanced fiber reliability in demanding applications
  • Prooftested to 100 kpsi – Excellent mechanical reliability
  • High dynamic fatigue strength – Long life expectancy in typical deployment conditions