NuMKW Multi-kW Fibers
NuMKW Multi-kW Fibers

Multi-kW Fibers

Active and passive matched fibers for high power fiber laser applications

double, triple clad, Yb doped, active fiber, high power, beam quality, photodarkening, low TMI, SRS, industrial cut and weld

NuMKW fibers eliminate TMI and SRS for power scaling to >3kW in existing laser architectures. With 1.5kW, 2kW, and 3kW options, these fibers feature unmatched performance that benefit many applications, including: lowest photodarkening, SRS, TMI and highest beam quality. NuMKW fibers reduce the $/W value and eliminate the need to design and develop expensive solutions. NuMKW fibers come with matched fiber designs for passive components and beam delivery.


  • High-Power Fiber Lasers for Industrial Applications
    • Cutting & welding
    • Laser cladding
    • Additive Manufacturing

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates TMI & SRS to enable power scaling without changing architecture
  • Reduces $/w

Optical Benefits

  • Lowest photodarkeing
  • Highest beam quality
  • Matched passive fibers offer tailored mode-field matching to ensure >99% coupling efficiency between the active and passive fibers

Mechanical Benefits

  • Designed for extended service life in challenging deployment conditions
  • Enhanced fiber reliability in demanding applications
  • Prooftested to 100 kpsi – Excellent mechanical reliability
  • High dynamic fatigue strength – Long life expectancy in typical deployment conditions