Laser and Amplifier Fibers
Laser and Amplifier Fibers

Laser and Amplifier Fibers

Leaders in high-power double-clad and triple-clad laser and amplifier fibers

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Coherent fibers enable power scaling by eliminating SRS and TMI and options include large mode area, polarization maintaining, double clad and triple clad geometries, and Ytterbium, Erbium, EYDF, and Thulium doped fibers. Our fibers feature high mode quality, high absorption, high efficiency, long life, and lowest photodarkening for demanding applications. We also offer passive precision matched fibers for use in laser and amplifier components that maximize beam quality and minimize splice losses. Leaders in double clad fiber technology

Highest Performance

  • Eliminates TMI and SRS
  • Enables power scaling beyond 3 kW
  • High conversion efficiency, power amplifiers to ~ 90%
  • Narrow linewidth at kW levels
  • Highest beam quality, near diffraction limited
  • Excellent damp heat resistance

Mechanical Benefits

  • Designed for extended service life in challenging deployment conditions
  • Enhanced fiber reliability in demanding applications
  • Prooftested to 100 kpsi – Excellent mechanical reliability
  • High dynamic fatigue strength – Long life expectancy in typical deployment conditions

Polarization Maintaining

  • High extinction ratio using PANDA technology
  • Designed for frequency conversion applications
  • Ideal for coherent and spectral beam combination

Active Fiber Types

  • NuYDF - Ytterbium Specific
  • Core & clad sizes from < 4 to ~ 700 μm
  • Special designs including SBS suppressing, unconventional core & cladding structures, and custom solutions
  • NuEDF - Erbium Specific
  • NuEYDF - Erbium-Ytterbium Specific
  • NuTDF - Thulium

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