Diode lasers, Horizontal Diode Laser Arrays, Coherent
Diode lasers, Horizontal Diode Laser Arrays, Coherent

Horizontal Arrays

Diode laser arrays for side pumping, providing up to 50W/bar CW and 250W/bar QCW.

Water-Cooled Horizontal Linear Array

Two-bar through five-bar horizontal linear arrays designed specifically to provide the highest reliability and lifetime in high-cavity-power, side- pumping applications. Coherent’s industry-leading, front-end technology, including our unique AAA material systems, combine with rugged PulseLife technology to produce reliability of >20k hours for most products. CW diode laser arrays employ electrically-isolated macro-channels, enabling tap-water cooling. QCW arrays are conduction-cooled and require no water cooling. Standard horizontal arrays are available at 808 nm, in 2-bar through 5-bar configurations. Custom configurations and additional wavelengths are available on a case by case basis.

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