Gyro Fibers
Gyro Fibers

Gyro Fibers

High performance fibers for precision wound FOG coils

Fiber optic gyroscope, FOG, bend insensitive, PM, radiation hardened, silica core, navigation, high birefringence, low crosstalk, IMU, current sensors

The Coherent SM and PM gyro fibers have tight dimensional tolerances, small form factors, high birefringence, low cross talk and proprietary low Tg coating critical for manufacturing high precision and high-performance gyro coils. In addition, our fibers are available in radiation resistant and radiation hard formats. Fibers are available in 40 to 80um clad diameter and 125 to 170um coating diameters.


  • Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG)
  • Current Sensors
  • Fiber Sensors
  • Couplers, sources, detectors, taps, isolators, modulators
  • Delay lines

Features & Benefits

  • PANDA designs for high birefringence, low cross talk, high consistency and mass production
  • Radiation hardened and radiation resistant varieties available
  • Extremely high birefringence ensures minimal gyrscope drift
  • Small form factor for compact designs
  • Low Tg coating for low cross talk variation over a wide temperature range (-55 to 105c)
  • Long life expectancy at small coil diameters

Optical Benefits

  • Bend insensitive and low loss - Lowest power consumption and longest coil lengths
  • Low mode field perturbation along length – Minimizes crosstalk
  • High birefringence – Minimizes crosstalk

Mechanical Benefits

  • Very high fatigue failure resistance nd ~ 23 – Ensures long life expectancy at small coil diameters
  • Long continuous lengths up to 5 km - high precision gyros up to strategic grade
  • Standard formats as small as 40um clad/90μm coating – Allows max length on a small coil diameter
  • Tight coating tolerances as low as 2um - repeatable fiber turns per coil layer
  • Tight glass tolerances for ultra-low splice losses

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