Fiber Sensor Components
Fiber Sensor Components

Fiber Sensor Components

Precision wound coils for advanced rotation and current sensing applications

IFOG, Coils for Fiber Optic Gyroscopes, Payout Spools, Current Sensing and Custom Applications, Fiber Optic Delay Lines, Radiation Hardened

With a 25 year legacy of winding specialty fiber coils, our engineers and scientists work with customer requirements to consistently produce some of the most sophisticated fiber sensors. We specialize in fiber optic gyroscope coils, long payout spools, as well as fiber optic delay lines and current sensing coils.

Fiber Optic Gyroscope Coils

Working collaboratively with our customers, Coherent provides custom coil solutions. Designs from potted, fully freestanding to totally constrained coils using pure or composite hub materials ensure environmental stability and ruggedness. Newest efforts at fiber miniaturization & hub mounting are yielding some of the worlds smallest and long length precision wound coils. Cost effective and fast winding systems allow Nufern to provide a complete range of products.

Fiber Optic Delay Lines

Fiber Optic Delay Lines are designed and manufactured in the form of free standing fiber optic coils or as a coil housed in a package with optical connectors for interfacing. Fibers used in these applications are manufactured in-house and are usually selected for the lowest temperature dependence possible.

Fiber Optic Payout Spools

Coherent can fabricate Fiber Optic Payout Spools to customer specifications using our high strength fibers, optical fiber winding capabilities, and experience with wide ranging bonding agents. Together, these features hold the fiber together in the coil pack but at the same time would allow easy peel off of the fiber during deployment.

Fiber Optic Current Sensing Coils

Free standing current sensing coils are available in a range of sizes and fiber lengths in custom winding patterns.