ExactMark 210
ExactMark 210

ExactMark 210

Laser marking machine for medical devices, electrical components, machine tools, and more.

A versatile machine with an emphasis on economy and simplicity for laser marking of small to medium batch sizes.

ExactMark 210 is a fully integrated laser marking machine that includes many features normally only found in expensive large marking machines. Available with a choice of IR (1064 nm), green (532 nm) or UV (355 nm) lasers, it can be configured to produce sharp, high-contrast marks on nearly any material. A simple user interface supports marking on-the-fly, marking large fields, marking 3D surfaces, or serializing trays of identical components.

The ExactMark 210 is a production line laser marking machine that simplifies the task and lowers the cost of marking small to medium batches of products. It includes up to 2 axes of motion: Z-axis focusing and a rotary or linear motion option. This makes it ideal for marking both flat and shaped surfaces.

Control of all the various components, laser, optional TTL vision system, part handling mechanics, etc., is integrated into a simple user-friendly graphic user interface. Operating under the company’s common laser machine software operating platform - Laser Framework - complete recipes for marking tasks are easily created, stored and executed using an intuitive object-driven flow chart.

A number of options enable the ExactMark 210 to be optimized to different applications. In addition to a choice of laser sources to match any materials, an optional TTL vision system enables automated positioning and alignment for maximum yield and consistency. It is also available with an on-demand exhaust system to simplify integration into any production line setting.

With ExactMark 210 you’re getting performance and production. A combination of superior engineering and testing, together with our global specialized service and support team ensures you get maximum uptime and high productivity, no matter where your production line is located.