Diamond J-1000
Diamond J-1000

Low-Power CO2 Lasers: DIAMOND J-1000 Series

Liquid-Cooled, RF-Excited, Industrial CO2 Laser

1 kW, sealed, pulsed laser, in a compact package that maximizes reliability and simplifies integration

The Diamond J-1000 Series offers the smallest footprint and volume of any 1 kW CO2 laser available. It’s based on the industry proven Coherent E-1000 design, which has over 10 years successfully serving industrial applications. They’re ideal for space-sensitive applications involving converting, cutting, engraving, perforating and drilling of paper, plastic films, plastics, glass, carbon composites, textiles, wood and even thin metals.

These lasers offer numerous features beneficial to both systems integrators and end users in materials processing applications, including:

Easy integration: The small size and integrated power supply provides the system designer with flexibility in source placement, and even permits mounting on a robotic arm.

High performance: The unique pulsing characteristics of slab discharge design deliver peak powers of over 3 kW in contrast to CW modulated lasers. And, they can be operated with pulse repetition rates up to 200 kHz with fast pulse rise and fall times. This combination of high peak power and fast rise and fall time times, together with power-on-demand and excellent beam quality, delivers superior processing results with many different materials. Plus, they’re available with output at either 10.6 µm or 9.4 µm to optimally match laser output with material absorption characteristics.

Field serviceability: The field serviceable RF-power supply, together with a comprehensive suite of web accessible on-board diagnostics, permits proactive field maintenance by the system builder. Plus, the extensive Coherent’s extensive worldwide support infrastructure provides rapid response when field service is required.

Typical applications include high speed digital converting, engraving, die board cutting, glass cutting and thermal processing, ceramic drilling and scribing, and 3D printing.



• Advanced Packaging and Interconnects
• Materials Processing
• Graphic Arts
• Cutting
• Drilling
• Printing
• Scribing
• Flex Circuit
• Die Board
• Metal
• Plastic
• Flat Panel Display
• Paper
• Foil
• Wood and Derivatives

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