Low power CO2 lasers (<100 W), Diamond C Series Low power CO2 lasers (<100 W), Diamond Cx Series
Low power CO2 lasers (<100 W), Diamond C Series

Low Power CO2 Lasers - DIAMOND C and Cx Series

Coherent DIAMOND C and Cx Series low power CO2 lasers (<150 W) deliver superior reliability, consistent performance, and long operational lifetimes. They are a cost-effective solution for a broad range of laser cutting, slitting, engraving, scoring, and marking applications that process a wide variety of materials, including wood, cloth, leather, paper, films, plastics, die boards, and even glass. Whatever your application, DIAMOND Series lasers are your solution for trouble-free production in 24/7 set-and-forget environments.

Low Power CO2 OEM Lasers

Product Output Power Wavelengths Features Applications
C-20 20 W, 30 W, 40 W, 55 W, 70 W 10.6μm, 10.2μm, 9.3μm Air cooled (fans), OEM (no fans), liquid cooled Materials Processing, Cutting, Marking, Engraving, Additive Manufacturing
C-20+ 20 W, 30 W, 60 W 10.6μm, 10.2μm, 9.3μm Advanced Ingress Protection Material processing, Cutting, Marking, Engraving
Cx-10 100 W 10.6μm Liquid cooled only Material Processing, Cutting, Marking, Engraving, Manufacturing
Cx-10LDE+ 120 W 10.6μm Integrated AOM for superior pulse control and power stability Pulse Picking, FPD Film Cutting, High-Resolution Marking
Cx-10LQS 120 W 9.3μm Short laser pulses with high peak power FPD Film Cutting, High-Resolution Marking

Coherent’s DIAMOND C-Series and Cx-Series sealed CO2 lasers are the best power–size ratio available in the market, based on a waveguide design assembled in an integrated package. The RF driver is mounted in the same housing as the laser head, resulting in a compact, robust system that can operate in the most demanding environments.

The entire C/Cx-Series offers excellent power stability, a great mode and fast rise and fall times in a very compact size. Designed with integration in mind, the entire C/Cx-Series has the same beam output position providing an easy upgrade path from 20W to 120W. Overall, the C/Cx-Series low-power CO2 lasers deliver exceptional value, performance and reliability.

The Cx-10 laser provides a rated output power of 120W with a modular RF power supply designed for high reliability and easy serviceability. The Cx-10 is completely compatible with the rest of the C-Series lasers. In addition to the base Cx-10 laser, Coherent offers two enhanced versions – the Cx-10LDE+ and Cx-10LQS. These lasers include an integrated acoustic optical modulator providing superior pulse control and extremely fast pulse fall times. The Cx-10LDE+ provides <1 µs fall times and the Cx-10LQS delivers high peak power with ≤200 ns pulse widths.

The C-55 and C-70 lasers, are specified at 55W and 70W output, respectively, and are available as either air-cooled or water-cooled units, and both have the same dimensions. The C-70 is available in both elliptical and circular beam versions.

Height and width is the same on the C-20, C-30 and C-40, which simplifies integration design of the complete Coherent CW product series.

Key applications for these lasers are laser marking (i.e. Consumer packaging & beverages), engraving, sintering and cutting. In addition, these lasers are used in converting applications like laser scoring of flexible packages and medical applications.



Materials Processing
Wood and Derivatives

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