Beam Delivery Fibers
Beam Delivery Fibers

Beam Delivery Fibers

Speciality fibers for demanding power handling and beam quality needs

Material process, medical imaging, spectroscopy, urology, photolithography, power delivery, fiber laser, surgery, metrology, biocompatible, sterile

The Coherent NuBEAM multi-mode, step index beam delivery fibers are designed for solid-state, fiber and diode laser systems. Benefiting from an environmentally controlled facility and many years of experience, the engineers at Coherent have developed a new generation of beam delivery fibers designed to address the laser industry’s ever increasing need for greater power handling capability. NuBEAM fibers are available in a large assortment of core and clad diameters accommodating the widest range of applications. NuBEAM power delivery fibers are offered with silicone, transparent nylon, and tefzel buffers. They are also available with Nufern’s proprietary NuCOATFA coating for added power confinement and polyimide for high temperature applications. NuBEAM fibers are biocompatable and are ISO 13485 compliant.


  • Pump Delivery
  • Laser Delivery
  • Flat Top
  • Medical Imaging - OCT
  • Surgical - urology

Optical Benefits

  • Low Loss - high transmission efficiency
  • Flat Top Technology - Top hat, low speckle beam profile
  • Clean room fiber draw — Eliminates “hot spots”
  • Pure silica core — High damage resistance and gamma radiation sterilizeable

Mechanical Benefits

  • Exceptional geometric tolerances — Ease of assembly and superb repeatability
  • Robust design — Compatible with majority of fiber interconnect systems
  • Clean room processing — Provides high-strength and long-life fibers
  • Core diameters ranging from 50 μm to 1000 μm — Covers the lowest to highest power applications

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