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With the broadest portfolio of laser markers and marking systems and decades of experience, we bring the expertise to partner with you every step of the way. We will determine the best match for your material and your budget. We will fully prove the results in one of our 17 applications labs worldwide and provide you with the service and support that you need to get the marking results you expect. Fill in the form to set up a consultation! ​

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3D marking

Our 3D marking solution SmartMap 3D is an easy-to-use technology package that eliminates the cost and time of implementing dedicated precision tooling and simplifies the setup of the entire marking process. It combines a dynamic 3D focusing technology with 3D machine vision and powerful marking software.

The Coherent proven VLM (Visual Laser Marker) marking software is extended by 3D viewing capabilities. It visualizes the relative position of the laser and workpiece, highlights the angle of incident in false colors and provides an accurate preview of how the part will look like after marking. The VLM software reads CAD design files of the workpiece, supports different mapping types and adjusts the marking process to the free-form surface automatically.

This unique 3D marking solution from Coherent is available for all major laser types and systems and can be used with almost all applications.

Marking on-the-fly

On-the-fly marking refers to marking parts as they are moving and is well-suited to many types of production line settings without any time penalty. We have developed a proprietary solution for this type of marking which supports a wide range of processing speeds and guarantees high mark quality. Plus, the process can be applied to both linear and rotary movement of the parts. In the latter case, the marking is applied on the surface tangentially without any distortion. And since the encoder signal for the position/motion adjustment is processed in real time, the marking process is automatically adjusted for any changes in the motion speed.

Marking On-the-Fly
Application Know-How

Application know-how

Whether you need to create serial numbers on semiconductor wafers, put UDI marks on medical re-usables, mark blister packs for pharmaceuticals, or create logos on anodized aluminum smartphones, a partnership with Coherent provides the best marking solution for your needs.

Laser Marking System

Laser marking system

We offer integrated laser marking systems in various designs. A manifold of options and integrable laser beam sources make application-specific solutions easy to implement.

Laser Markers

Laser markers

Our proven PowerLine laser markers include the laser, scan head and operating software Visual Laser Marker, all housed in a tailored solution package. This flexible software allows straightforward implementation of complex tasks.