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Advanced fiber lasers tackle the toughest e-mobility welding challenges

Advanced fiber laser technology from Coherent now enables high quality, high speed welding in many e-mobility manufacturing tasks that were difficult or impossible for lasers in the past. These include welding delicate or heat sensitive materials, joining dissimilar materials and welding copper.

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Copper Welding

Copper Welding

The same properties of copper that make it a great material for e-mobility applications also make it challenging to weld with traditional fiber lasers. Solid-state green lasers are a possible alternative, but their practical limitations lead to a higher cost of ownership. The novel Coherent ARM Fiber Laser is already proven to efficiently weld copper without process instabilities, and can bring all the cost, reliability and practical advantages of fiber laser to challenging e-mobility welding tasks.

Foil to Tab Welding for Pouch Type Batteries Cell

The Coherent high-brightness CSM-ARM laser delivers high electrical conductivity connections, without shunting problems, for foil-to-tab welding of pouch type battery cells. Its unique output beam configuration delivers laser power in a highly controlled manner, resulting in excellent weld penetration, minimal spatter, and reduced heat damage to the delicate copper battery foils.

Copper Welding
Tab Welding

Tab Welding of Dissimilar Materials

Welding thin aluminum foils to copper busbars is a delicate task, and traditional fiber lasers can simply overpower the materials and damage the foil. The dual beam output of the Coherent CSM-ARM laser provides good penetration of the copper busbar, without damage to the thin foil. The result is a weld with excellent electrical and heat conduction properties, along with high mechanical strength.

Sealed Welding of Battery Cell Housings - Can/Cap Welding

Successfully welding prismatic cell battery housings, can/caps, contacts and safety valves requires minimizing thermal input, spatter, cracking and porosity. The Coherent FL-ARM laser performs precision, high speed welding of all battery materials, including copper, aluminum, and even copper to aluminum. It delivers high precision welds with excellent penetration, smooth seam surfaces and minimal pores.

Copper Welding